We are a foundation of young professionals, nature lovers with a wide spectrum of interests and experience in different areas. 

We believe that from the union comes the strength and that the key for the future of our planet is that people, communities, foundations and companies unite around the common objective of taking care of our nature. The environmental problems we face today are the product of a long accumulation of events and that only with a systemic and coordinated response between the different actors we will be able to give an effective response.


von Mareés

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Cristian Ceruti

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Tomas Vega

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Executive Director 

Carolina Peña

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Executive Secretary 

Vicente Gerliach

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José Rehbein

Ambassador PIC Oceania and Conservation & Natural Resource Management Master, UQ

Lorena Arce

Coordinator of the ICCA Consortium for South America

Gabriela Franco

Executive Director at Tierra Austral Foundation

Dra. Barbara Saavedra

Director at Wildlife Conservation Society

Juan Larraín

Professor of Ecology and Exploration of the environment at San Sebastián University

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