Personalized digital platforms for building sustainable financing for conservation


The PiC conservation currency is a traceability tracking ID generated by each transaction linked to a specific square meter of a project creating  a  transparent process

NGOs execute certified conservation projects (ready to audit) by milestone accomplished.

15 NGOs & +500.000 hectares of protected private and public areas


Each certified NGO

  • Proved conservation track record

  • Protected area administration or co administration

  • Board of Directors

  • Current bank account

  • Alliance with government institutions and/or member of conservation network

The financing business model - NaaS

Nature as a Service


If you are an NGO here you can apply your project to PICparks

Each certified NGO

  • 100% of compensation (no commissions apply)

  • Income direct to NGO accounts

  • Free Pic use of personalized platform

PiC paid services

  • Company sustainability Programs

  • Conservation Banks

Companies sustainability programs

Some projects where you can donate